International Black Sea Action Day 31 October

Black Sea Action Day 2024 commemorates the 28th anniversary of the signature of the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan.

Photo: © Krasimir Delchev

The Black Sea Commission is the regional body designed to implement the Bucharest Convention signed by the six coastal countries in 1992. On 31 October 1996 the Black Sea countries signed also the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea. This plan defined the policy measures, actions, and timetables required to achieve the environmental objectives of the Bucharest Convention. The Black Sea Strategic Action Plan recognises that collective action is required from all Black Sea countries to reduce the impacts of pollution on the Black Sea ecosystem. Action is required from all stakeholders, also from each person living in the region.

Clean Beaches Campaign 2016 (pdf, 49 kb)

How to organize a survey of beach (pdf, 22 kb)

Marine LitterWatch Monitoring List (pdf, 48 kb)